Why does my business need a website?

     The times are changing. With the new generation coming, we'll soon find ourselves having to adapt and evolve to fit the world as it transitions into the information age. It would be wise to get ahead of the curve, and take this step to future proof your business by having a website built for it.

     In this day and age, a presence on the web can prove to be a crucial part of any business. A website is useful for attracting customers and clients, and relaying important information in a convenient and accessable way. The most important function of a website, though, is to maintain a business's professional image. A website is a symbol of status and reputation. It reassures clients and customers that the outfit they are doing business with is legitimate, established, and large enough to handle their needs.

     Cost is pre-determined by an estimate before we begin. Estimates are based on an hourly rate, and the estimated time it will take to finish a project. The rate is based on the complexity of the project, and what code it will entail. There are three complexity levels explained below. All factors are considered before giving a final amount.

Baisc Service

The basic service is an affordable, streamlined build designed to get your name out there. It is an intuitive design which will allow you to easily relay information to your customers. The basic service is like an interactive online business card or flyer. It is ideal for restaurant menus, professional services, and anyone who wants a basic page to show who they are and what they do. A basic website includes a contact form, which will send directly to your Email. This contact form can be backed up and validated through my secure SQL server, if web management is added. A basic website can be put up lightning-fast, typically taking only 1-2 weeks to build.

Advanced Service

The advanced service is a step up from the basic service. It includes more complex programming to build more interactive websites. This could include user forums and comment sections, database-driven online ordering, animated content, integrated blogs, and profiles for your employees. The time it takes to build an improved website varies greatly depending on one's needs individual

Full Development Service

The full development service includes literally everything within the realm of possibility or reason. The full development service utilizes me to my full potential. This includes custom off-the-web software development, game development, private programming projects, microcontroller-driven physical devices, LAN and WIFI setup and troubleshooting, Anything involving a computer. I'll do anything I know how to do, and if I don't know how to do it, I'll learn. I love a challenge every now and then.