It's about time your hard work gets the recognition it deserves

Local businesses come in all different shapes and sizes. new or old, big or small, we've each followed our own path, fought our own battles, and celebrated our own victories as we've charged onwards through our professional lives. Although we have created our own individual experiences, there is one thing we can all agree we've felt at some point. Pride. Pride in our hard work, and what we have built. You've poured your heart and soul into building everything you have with your own two hands. You've created something unique and magnificent out of your own blood, sweat, and tears. Nothing can match the satisfaction you feel when your hard work is recognized, and your business grows.

That is why I have made it my personal mission to offer a web development service like no other, for businesses like no other. I recognize the care you've put into your business, and I believe that when your business is ready to expand its presence to the world wide web, you deserve nothing less than a web developer who will work just as hard for your business as you do. That is why I don't use templates and WordPress like many web designers do. Instead, I program everything by hand, to ensure your business's web page stands out among the crowd just as much as your business itself does. You've broken the mold to live the American dream and pave your own way through life. Why should you be forced to confrom to premade templates and themes when it comes to your business's website?

About Me

     My name is Ian Juarez. I am a freelance Web Developer. Ever since I was a young child, I've been fascinated with technology. Being home schooled, I was able to study at my own pace, and found myself at an advanced grade level in many of my studies. Being home schooled taught me to utilize any resource I had at my disposal, and effectively self teach. It also taught me to be extremely observant and analytical. As a highly motivated self-starter, that kind of learning environment allowed me to achieve graduation level at the age of 14. At the age of 12, I took my first step into a larger world when I began learning HTML.
     Of all the things I had studied, programming was one that truly resonated with me. The internet was my craft. It was my art. It was my passion. I couldn't get enough of it. I burned through HTML, and when that could no longer satisfy my needs, I moved on to CSS, and learned how to make my pages look exactly how I wanted them to. When I was no longer content with my web pages being just something to look at, I expanded to javascript, and learned to make them think and interact. Soon enough, I outgrew Javascript, and moved on to PHP and SQL, to further expand the resources at their disposal. I also learned python and java, to expand my knowledge of system-level programming. It wasn't long before I was making my own complex programs, and even developing simple 2D video games. I spent four years perfecting my skill and knowledge, and laying the foundation for my future.
     At the age of 16, I began an apprenticeship with my dad's recycling company. This taught me the value of hard work, and the 0s and 1s of business. It was an opportunity to expose myself to many different locally owned businesses. I spent another 4 years honing my skills in that trade, applying my knowledge of computers and programming to develop algorithms to predict the composition of materials, devising ways to keep track of numbers in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, and interacting with a wide range of clients and business owners.
     At the age of 20, I moved from California to Idaho Falls to live with my (now fiance). I was hired by a locally owned business to work with elderly and disabled people in the area. This helped to bring me out of my shell, and educate me on the rich history of Idaho Falls. I was an analytical introvert paired with human libraries of information. Needless to say, I enjoyed the job, and still do today.
     It's been two years since I moved to Idaho Falls, and I'm ready to start building my future. I've cut my work down to part-time so I can dedicate the rest to starting my own web deveopment business. The idea of starting a business that will help other local businesses stay established and thrive has appealed to me ever since I began my apprenticeship, and I had dreamed of being a programmer ever since I first picked up a computer. Contact me, and we'll see how I can apply my skills to help you live your dream.

Why you should choose me over others

  1. Local Development

    • I am a local individual. I don't outsource my services to other countries like India or China, and I am not owned by a large, out of state interest. The money I make here is spent here, at local businesses like yours. I believe that money is meant to be spent locally, if possible. It's like warmth during the winter. If you have all of your doors closed, the heat will circulate, and everyone in your house will be warm. If you open the front door, all that heat will leave, and everyone will be cold. Local businesses drive the economy, and that is why I strive to create a service that will help them.
  2. Competative Search Engine Optimization

    • In this day and age, it's not enough to have a website that appeals to humans. It also has to appeal to the robots at Google. I'm a web developer who knows how to do just that, but one who doesn't take shortcuts, and knows all of the pitfalls to avoid. It's a delicate dance which, if done properly, could be the best advertising decision you could make. If done improperly, using unethical methods, your website could be penalized by search engines, or worse, blacklisted.

      I am a very competative person. When one of my sites gets knocked off of Google's first page, I take it personally. Search Engine Optimization is like a competative sport to me. I play fair and honest, but I also passionately strive for victory. There are few greater feelings than the on I get when I've put a site into the top 5 results.
  3. Flexibility

    • Being an individual, and not a large company, allows me a certain degree of flexibility. I can allocate whatever time I need to work on your website, and make it reach "live" status before its deadline. You won't be constrained by the rigid policies of other, larger web development companies. It is my duty to help you realize your potential on the web, and to help you achieve a website of your design.
  4. Hand-programmed custom websites

    • I don't use templates. I don't use wordpress. I don't make cookie cutter websites. Where many companies would charge you insane amounts of money for an inferior website, I will not. Your website is your website, not your version of the same website everyone else has. You deserve a website built from the ground up, customized in every way to perfectly suit your needs. I am a full fledged web developer and programmer, not just a web designer. You deserve a high-performance, attractive website custoom built for you by a skilled individual who is passionate about his craft.
  5. Web Hosting vs. Web Management

    • We've all encountered these competitors before. The ones who offer you the world, and deliver nothing. They make their money off of making outlandish claims, while giving themselves a back door to escape from in the fine print when the people become wise to their games. Not me. I have a reputation to build, and I won't sell that out for the short term. This is why offer web management, and not just web hosting. Web hosting means a company will allow your website to occupy space on their server, and they will do nothing. When a database structure becomes corrupt, or your website gets a virus, or there is a glitch in your system and your site is down for no apparent reason, you're on your own. I had this happen to a friend of mine, and her website had to be completely rebuilt. Again, the company offered her the world, and delivered nothing. I offer Web Management for this very reason. For your subscription, I will monitor your website, and notify you when it is down. I will work to make sure it is up. I will keep the databases which run your websites up and running. I'll fix bugs and glitches, and offer support after I have built your website. I will maintain it and manage it to the absolute best of my abilities, not just leave you to the wolves. And look, no fine print!
  6. Performance and Security

    • I didn't try to get by on the cheap when I purchased my servers. I shopped extensively to find the absolute best deal on the market. I don't deal with some shady hosting site, and I don't try to get by with buying the minimum required packages. If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.
  7. Affordable options with financing available

    • I'm just getting started, and I'm trying to build a name for myself. I'm willing to offer some great deals to people who will give me a chance, and help me do just that. I can offer anything from an inexpensive, streamlined website to a highly interactive powerhouse of a website. To some, I'll barter for store credit to arrange a mutually beneficial deal. I'll even finance the cost to build the website over the course of a year with a subscription to my web management service. it is my goal to help you reach the next level, and realize the reality of your business having its very own website.